Thursday, November 13, 2008

Out for the Beach

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With my pretty cousin Michelle's surpise homecoming for her Mum's birthday celebration tomorrow, we will be staying overnight in one of the resorts here in the city. We had our reservation booked yesterday. Occasion of this kind where our family are gathered one more time gives me a giddy feeling. I'm thrilled to my bones in spending precious moments with family and relatives. I'm expecting to have a great time with them!
Since I won't be here tonight, it doesn't mean you won't see me in your drop inbox ;-) . Another pretty cousin of mine, Allena of In the Eyes of the Beholder, will be doing the dropping in my behalf. Many times before, I have requested her to do it for me, especially when I couldn't find anymore time to do it myself and I commend all her dropping efforts.
My prince and I won't be able to talk online tonight but SMS or a phone call will do. I appreciate him for always encouraging me to go out with my friends and my family. He would keep telling me that I need to savor the moment and make the most out of my time while I'm here as I won't be here long enough to be with them.
Incidentally, there will be a party at work today, too. It's the City Election Officer's birthday. Another BURPDAY for us all, hehe!
Gotta be running now and see you all when I'm back!

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