Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rest of Our Lives

I've spent almost 15 hours at church today! The longest I had in years! Wheeew! I am not complaining. In fact, I feel happy that I was able to do my church obligations. It's all for the glory of God. I still was able to come home just in time to celebrate with my Prince.
Yeah! It's been 22 months since we've agreed to be in this relationship. And it's getting sweeter knowing how My Prince and I have remained steadfast in our love, undaunted and unfaltered by any form of adversities. Though we are separated by distance, this hasn't became a barrier for us to show how much we care and love each other. In fact, we were able to bridge the gap between so many hindrances in between our relationship.
My Prince has inspired me to be the best person I can be. He is the only person who thinks and believes that I am the best blogger around (Wag na kayong komontra! Pagbigyan nyo nalang po siya, Hahaha!), the best worker, the best daughter and sister to my siblings, the best girlfriend and the best servant of God. More than all, he has enhanced my faith and we both have grown together in God's loving grace . There has always been a comfortable sense of security knowing that My Prince is never far from me, that MY MAHAL is always there for me at all times.
When we were still in the process of nourishing what we have early on in the relationship, My Prince shared a song that he wants to be part of our wedding day (with dreamy, dreamy eyes ;-). The moment I heard of the song, I fell in love with my Prince more and more! This became one of my favorites out of more than a thousand songs he shared with me. This is entitled Rest of Our Lives from Jeffrey Osborne.
Incidentally, one of the good friends I have here in the blogosphere, Wendy of From the Eyes of My Heart, who participated in the Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest, made a keepsake for me which me and my Prince really, really liked! Wendy was very sneaky and clever to innocently ask for my favorite song without me knowing that she planned of coming up with something. When I saw what she had in store for me at her blog, the cat held my tounge and my jaw droppped in amazement!
Do sing along with the presentation below:

Jeffrey Osborne


I’m in love with you
I know you feel it like that way like I do
I know we plan our future now
We have been so blessed
And we can share a life of happiness
If you will just say YES…

Won’t you take my hand and say I DO
I will promise to take care of you
And together we will hopefully
Be in love for the rest of our lives.

And when the time arrives
I’ll be standing firmly at your side
Until the day I die I know
When we take our vows
Our family and friends would be so proud
As tears of joy come tumbling down

(Repeat Chorus)

A blessed day all will be great
From this moment on
We’ll turn that kiss, that kiss that turn to hearts into one
And with my ring upon your finger shining so bright that shining so bright
People will smile
Walk down the aisle
Husband and wife…

(Repeat Chorus)

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