Sunday, November 23, 2008

“…You Are Perfect Because You Are God-Sent”

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Those were the exact words my Prince uttered while we were talking on the phone tonight. I can’t help but feel the tears falling down my cheeks. It sent chills all the way up through my spine. I know those aren’t just words. I have never forgotten to always count my blessings everyday of my life. And I am more blessed when my Prince was sent to me by the heavenly Father.

This long distance relationship has been anchored on God’s precepts and from day one I have always been grateful to the one up above for He gave me the love of my life who’s been an epitome of what a true servant of God should be. My Prince never ceased to inspire me and more than all, he has continued to enhance my faith. When the going gets tough and I am at my lowest low, he never gets tired in giving me a pat on the back. Each time he speaks God’s words before me, I have always relished on the thought that my Prince is being used as an instrument by God in sharing His wisdom.

Any woman who is on my shoe would find it really, really hard to be away from his man. It is never a walk in the park to be in this kind of relationship. Too many relationships have been broken and hearts shattered by too many factors, one among of the many is temptations. I have seen the look of disbelief, if not persecutions, from people who find it hard to understand that a love of this kind is possible for two people, who are separated by culture and distance, to remain steadfast in our love by being loyal and faithful to each other. But I find solace and comfort that the man I love is heaven-sent. He was the man I prayed for long ago and I trust God won’t break my heart by giving me a man to love who has a cheating heart.

Too many people might not entirely understand it but what I and my Prince have is something that is far from magical. What we have is God’s love at its finest! Too many of us believed that there is no perfect partners, no perfect relationships. But when God takes center stage, I must say, everything just perfectly fits and no culture and distance is ever a barrier for two hearts that are meant to be!

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