Wednesday, December 31, 2008

...And Their Journey To Forever Begins (Part II)

I first blogged of the couple Irene and Rey almost a year ago with the post ... And Their Journey to Forever Begins Part 1. Both Irene and Rey are my churchmates but the couple have been separated by distance with Irene being at Bangkok, Thailand. Through the advent of modern technology and computers, Rey's friendship with Irene blossomed via Friendster bridging distance and separation. After almost two years of being into a girlfriend-boyfriend status, they have decided to finally tie the knot and vowed to forever cherish the covenant they both pledged before God.
Rey and Irene's saga as husband and wife began on December 29. It was the first time that I was able to witness a very solemn wedding. I and the rest of the witnesses at church can't help but be teary-eyed when both the couple cried while exchanging their solemn vows to each other. I am truly happy for the both of them and I pray that they keep this marriage work to the best of their abilities within the bounds of God's precepts.

The beautiful bride turned over to the groom by a family friend who acted as bride's Daddy...

My pretty mother, one of the Principal Sponsors

Exchange of solemn vows

The Kiss

"I now declare you husband and wife..."

With churchmates

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