Monday, January 5, 2009

Dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Hodgkinson from Sydney, Australia

I had an exciting night last night. After a long day at the mall and the preparation of food for dinner, I had finally met the Australian churchmate who came all the way from Sydney, Australia to celebrate the New Year with his wife and his wife's family. My mother had met him the night before and upon chatting with Bro. Gary Hodgkinson, my mother learned that my Prince and Bro. Gary are both attending at Western Sydney locale. I told my mother to invite him over dinner the next night.
Before the arrival of Mr. & Mrs. Hodgkinson, I already had informed my Sayang that someone is coming over to see both of us, hehe. He agreed to talk to Bro. Gary via YM with the webcam turned on. Incidentally, my Prince had already seen him at combined committee prayers at church. Since there are only a few number of Australian church members, Brother Gary's face wasn't able to escape from the keen and observant eyes of my Prince, hehe. My Prince and Bro. Gary were teasing each other over YM regarding the Australian Rugby League wherein they both are cheering for two different teams. But poor Bro. Gary, my Prince beat him because My Prince keeps talking lots of Tagalog short phrases where Bro. Gary needed my assistance for the translation, haha! At dinner, I requested our visitor to do the honors of leading the prayer before meal in which he happily and willingly did. After dinner, we still had our little chit-chat where Bro. Gary's humor kept everyone all ears and awake, hehe!
By special request of my Prince, we took a few shots of us with the Hodgkinson couple:

With Mr. & Mrs. Hodgkinson

The Hodgkinson couple with my pretty mother
With Mrs. Hodgkinso's sister
The couple invited us over for dinner tonight at their own home. I better get myself ready now. Ciao everyone!

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