Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not Too Good A Day

Today was a very busy one for me. I was running here, there and everywhere paying up some bills and other stuffs. I couldn't help but wish it's a holiday today. I wasn't like myself. Call me clumsy but yes, I am that and nothing else. I lost a cellphone. The sad part: it wasn't mine. A friend of mine handed over to me the responsibility of looking over it. I don't even know the model of that phone. Good thing it wasn't an expensive one so it woudn't be really hard to replace. But still, losing a valuable item is clumsiness. I have already informed my friend of the cellphone's plight and I hope he will get to understand that it happens sometimes.
Though today wasn't one of my lucky days, it's been a day full of surprises. My brother's girlfriend Sarah Jane came home here in Gensan unannounced. We were all surprised and overjoyed to see her home again. At least she will get the chance to celebrate the New Year with her immediate family.
I may had a bad day but 2008 in its entirety had been a blissful one. I sure will be ending 2008 with a bang with my family and the rest of my friends. Family, batch and bloggers' reunions are lined up to be attended before the year ends and some weddings and birthday parties as well.
Not too hectic, aint yeah? ;-)

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