Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Part of Growing Up

In my adolescent years, I have had my own share of depressing moments especially when pimples and acnes started to come out. There was this point in my life where I never really wanted to face myself infront of the mirror. My self-esteem was too low.
I went to the best dermatologist in town to resolve my issues. She prescribed an acne treatment which I religiously and tediously followed. But my acne problems weren''t resolved that  easy. I acquired some acne scars which were very evident in my face. Time came when I stopped all treatments. I stopped worrying about my acne problems and enjoyed my college life. Everytime a pimple would show up, I just shrug my shoulders off. Until such time that acnes got fed up, haha! They finally stopped coming back.
Well, now, I still have my acne scars. Pimples would still show up every now and then especially when my period is coming up. But I really am not worried about it anymore. All that happened in the past was just part of growing up and undergoing the puberty stage is actually a real challenge for everyone. 

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