Monday, January 26, 2009

What's Up?

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Monday is supposed to be the first day of the working week. But not for me. I went somewhere and didn't report for work. I went home thereafter and did a few things. The chores seem never ending! I only finished fixing and arranging my clothes in my closet and the drawers in my computer table. It took me... well, let me count.... eight (8) long hours! Gosh! That's a helluva lot of time just for arranging stuffs, huh! It's also equivalent to a day's work, hahaha!
Well, there was some interruptions though. I needed to chat with my Prince earlier than usual as it was a holiday today. Australia Day is celebrated every 26th day of January and everything's shut that's why he has nowhere to go and he's left with no choice but to talk to me, hehehe!
The day was a little idle online. Except for my newest form of addiction. I have been very busy bidding on items that were up for grabs at Ebay. So far, I outbid quite a number of bidders (close to 40 bidders) for 5 items. I already got the 2 purchases in my hands. I am still waiting for the spray I've bought in December.  The two bids I've won today I still have to pay in the next day or two. Now the problem I]ve got is how to stop myself from these online purchases. Mind you, I'm always tempted to purchase the lovely ones especially the casual dresses, hehe! 

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