Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Google Adsense PIN Received Via Postal Services

I have actually been waiting for my Google Adsense PIN for a couple of months now. That is why I was a little surprised to have received it today before I went to work, just when I least expected it. Google had it posted via Airmail.
Well, I have been long wanting to earn from Google Adsense. I had my ads installed only in October of last year. In that span of time, I earned $ 15.12!!!
Oh man!
You can just calculate for how long I can have my payout which is set at $100! 
I know, I know.
I am no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) geek but I was just trying my luck, haha! Nice try, Lainy! ;-) I have long wanted to learn SEO tricks but I still come out very ignorant on these aspect. All that is clear to me is that a blog that's earning huge amount from Google Adsense have quite a handful of unique visitors. These blogs are using relevant keywords in their title posts and all other parts of the document such as in URL, headings, tags, etc which keeps them at the top of the search engines.
For SEO enthusiasts, do share your knowledge, pleaseeee... That is so much appreciated ;-)
There are so much more that a novice like me have yet to learn, RE: SEO Techniques. The SOCCSKSARGEN group of bloggers are actually planning of coming up of a seminar on Search Engine Optimization. I am very enthusiastic in learning so much!
I know there are still quite a lot of things that I need to learn and everyday is but a learning process. I might be too ignorant in the many aspects of blogging but the eagerness to learn my way through here keeps persisting. My blogging journey may be frustrating and discouraging in a lot of ways but my burning passion to blog more and more keeps me motivated, and that's why I am still here- blogging my heart out!  
THANK YOU for sticking!

T H A N K      Y O U,
R E C E L!
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