Monday, February 9, 2009

No More Sexy Dresses for Me

I have once blogged my addiction for online purchase of lovely dresses. But since my closet is now full and there is no room for more stuffs, haha! I sometimes  control myself and refuse to open a site that do online selling. I find it a little impractical especially because all those dresses haven't been worn yet, not even once, since I have purchased them because of the wound I acquired on my knee.
Looking at my wound, I wonder how I will be able to wear those pretty dresses. They are mostly knee-length and some are an inch above the knee. Before I got wounded, I was all excited to wear them at worship services. But since this wound, I got a little disappointed. I wonder for how long would this wound look like this. And even if it heals quick, the scar will be there forever...
But it's OK.
As what my Prince have kept telling me, it would take time to heal. From the looks of it though, my addiction for online purchase of stuffs that are put on sale will be put on hold for a while longer. Now there's no need to control myself anymore ;-) 

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