Monday, February 16, 2009

Out of Budget

Just now, I received a SMS from a friend from way back. She was convincing me to purchase area rugs that's been used also by her foreigner friend. She told me the design is fabulous! Just like that of a puzzle. I was imagining it right there and then and I got truly excited. I know it will make the living room look good. I always have a fancy for furnitures and home decors.
But for now, I do not have the budget. I told her we still have the old carpet here at home and I think we will make do with it. I sure would love to have it placed again because I just purchased a new TV stand. Yeah, right! We were able to save enough space for it. And of course, quite a good amount of money becase the TV stand was purchased at a discounted price. It's way cheaper than the normal prise. So now that really makes it impossible for me to buy a new rug. Aside from being out of budget, it is a  little impractical... 

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