Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Weekend and Some Updates....

Hey guys!
Finally, I am back here to update this blog again. For two nights, I have been suffering from terrible headaches that keeping myself away from my PC is necessary. A month from now, I will be back to my ophthalmologist for my annual eye check up. Well, I reckon, the inevitable is already expected. I hate it everytime the physician tells me to have my eyeglasses or contact lenses changed to a higher grade. It currently stands at 10.00 on both eyes. It might be the reason for the frequent headaches not to mention the very hot weather condition everyday. Oh man! Is this some kind of an inferno over here??? 
Well, I think blogging on a minimal basis shall be the case for me now. It is a must, Lainy! But I think I am not helping myself at all. Even with a headache last night, I kept my eyes glued infront of the PC because I was too excited to install my new comment form across my blogs. Thanks to my friends, Marzie of Wishing on a Falling Star and Uncle Che of Novice Master for always bearing with me! Uncle Che's patience in helping me out all the way is commendable! Marzie's willingness to help and her gesture of fiddling with the codes and stuffs is worth mentioning, too! Geez! What would I be without them? 
Anyway, my weekend was far from the perfect weekend I had imagined. The David Pomeranz Concert Experience was a complete disappointment! Just check out the link if you want to know why.
It's been two weeks since I got wounded and now the scab is almost gone but the scar is becoming more and more evident. It's the thing I have to deal with after the scab is completely removed. I am glad I have recovered well from that fall but I was hounded by the thought of My Sayang getting sick. I hope he recovers quick. I know he is such a tough guy! 
As much as I wanted to share everything with you in this post, it isnt't just possible. I can go on and on and on and eventually bore you to death! Better reserve those stuffs for my next post!
Goodnight everyone! 

Thank you,
T WI N K L E T O E! 

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