Friday, March 27, 2009

Certified Queen of Blogs!

When Marzie of Mariuca's Perfume Gallery had me as one of the recipients of the Certified Queen of Blogs award, I can't help myself from gushing! In fact, I took a second look if indeed it was my name that was written. And yes, it was! Coming from the certified queen of blogs herself, I find it too hard to believe! The award made me feel I am 10 feet taller, hahaha! Now being a queen is no longer just a dream.
I feel so honored being acknowledged in this fashion. Being recognized as someone who has inspired another blogger and that in one way or the other, I have made another blogger better as a person made me think that the long hours I have spent in blogging is all worth it! You see, I spend almost ALL my spare time blogging. This is the only thing I know as a hobby. My blogs have become my babies and having wonderful people to help me look after and take care of my babies gives me such a wonderful feeling! Blogging has brought me so much joy and  inspiration and I cherish each and every moment. 

Here comes the award: 

Isn't it lovely? It actually comes in 3 different colors. You can see the rules HERE

Now I would like to share this lovely award to people who so deserves this award. They have inspired and motivated me to become a better blogger and a better person. 

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

R E C E L!

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