Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Big No! No!

I am not too particular with my weight. But when I was in college, I was too slender that I really wanted to gain some weight. The only thing that I thought of that would work for me was water therapy. It was a summer vacation when I underwent a really extensive wather therapy. I made sure that drinking 32 glasses of water everyday without fail is part of my daily routine. How's that for a water therapy? 

It worked for me. When I went back to school for Academic Year 1999-2000, my classmates noticed the huge change in my body and my weight. Looking back, I was so happy that the therapy I did worked so well for me! 

Now I don't have to do all that. See how ironic life can be! Now what I desperately need is a fat burner that would get rid of unwanted fats in my body.


It's only because my height isn't proportioned with my weight that's why gaining excessive fats is a big No! No! 

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