Friday, April 3, 2009

Wine Preferences

I am no drinker. I don't even drink on occasions. It is because I always catch my breath whenever a little amounf of alcohol is taken in. Drinking alcoholic beverages triggers asthma attack. That has been the case for me. 

How do these alcoholic beverages differ from wines? Well, I haven't tried wine and I have no idea about it's effects for my asthma so I am a little lost here. I did a little research though. Wines are made of fermented grape juice. There is still a little amount of alcohol content. There are too many variety of wines. I even heard of wine of the month. These are those who are considered exeptionally exciting wines that suits a person's wine preferences and of course, the budget! 

For drinkers out there, I am sure it will be of great interest to them that these wines aren't based solely on one's taste buds. There are certain selections made by the winery and has been acclaimed one of the best in the industry. 

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