Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Holiday For Me!

Tomorrow, April 6, is declared a holiday here in the Philippines by virtue of Proclamation 1699 which the lady President signed on December 24, 2008. This is in lieu of April 9,  which is Holy Thursday, so it was moved to the nearest Monday, April 6. Tomorrow is Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor. I am sure too many people feels jovial because of this 3-day weekend. 

But not me! It would still be a normal Monday for me. The first day of the working week. Yeah! You heard me right! No holidays at work not until the Presidential Elections is over. Too bad, huh! I will be working my a$$ off on holidays including Saturdays but except Holy Thursday and Holy Friday. Well, I need to go to work in order for me to live. I haven't so much choice. That's the harsh reality in life that we have to face especially if one lives in a Third World country like the Philippines. Sigh!  

Anyways, yesterday I was able to visit the mall to purchase some stuffs together with my co-worker Star of The Maiden's Testimony. I wasn't able to do it in ages! While we were looking out for some lovely items in the shoe section, I've noticed that she  just stood still and looked like she's going to faint! She told me there's an earthquake! I felt my heart palpitate and I have felt the shaking of the racks in that section of the mall. I felt very nervous! I just prayed and asked the Lord I don't wanna die yet. I still would want to meet My Prince in the flesh this year ;-)  And God heard my prayers; I am still here and blogging about that very scary experience. 

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

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