Friday, July 3, 2009

The Online Technology

When I attended the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit in 2008, I was in awe because it was very well-prepared and well-organized. We even had an online registration. One of the local schools was one of the major sponsors and lending their equipments for the occasion was part of the deal.

Here in the city, a large number of students enrol in computer courses. The advent of technology has really been internalized by the younger generation. Almost everything these days are being done online. I wonder if online MS in Information Security is also being taught in the local schools here.

I have first encountered of it when I searched online for a graduate school degree in Information Security and I've learned that Lewis University is offering the course. I've heard that they are the best in the field. The University has its focus on two concentrations: Managerial and Technical Concentrations. The school guarantees information security through innovation.

While pondering on the thoughts on how technology has invaded the lives of humankind, how I wish I was able to enrol a course in IT. Anyways, my choice isn't that bad. At least, in my present line of work, it has been of good help to me.

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