Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday’s What It’s All About (You Gotta Know): Reunited With Ate Nimfa!

On Sunday night, our family got the opportunity to be reunited with our long time family friend, Ate Nimfa. We went out for dinner after watching Kuerdas band performing one of their gigs at the 1st National Skimboarding Competition.

About Ate Nimfa, it has been a long time since we've shared some good times together with her. Some extenuating circumstances changed the way it was in the past.

I have huge admiration for this beautiful woman! Despite the odds, she has remained cool, calm, strong and steadfast in her Faith. I knew her since I was a child but my family got really close with her and her kids when I was in college. A decade after, she's still the same Ate Nimfa that I've known: gentle but brave, bubbly, fun-loving and a great mother to her children. I admit she has a great influence in my life.

Some might misjudge her regardless of her good-naturedness. These are the people who judge too quickly and who never look at themselves in the mirror. I know for a fact that Ate Nimfa is a beautiful person inside and out and I will always stand by her in good times and bad.

I've missed those days when we would just be together and chat till sunrise. Oh! how I miss those days we would tease each other and have some really great time! There were just too many fond memories!

If only things were the same as before!

Anyways, I look forward to sharing some more beautiful memories with Ate Nimfa sometime in the near future.

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