Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hardworking Aunt

My Aunt Rose - Lainy's Mom, is a very hardworking woman. She works as a registrar in a high school academy near their house. She also does part time as an insurance agent. Guess what? She actually talked me into getting an insurance plan for myself! I told her once that she should have a website like that of so she can get more sales. I know she won't be able to do that anymore since she won't have anymore time in front of the computer. It was just a suggestion, you know. Anyways, after her work during the day, she still have the strength to do some household chores. She even cook for my cousins. I know all these because I have stayed on their house when I wasn't working here in Manila yet.

I miss this Aunt of mine and I really look up to her. I just can't thank her enough for being so caring and supportive to me. Love you Aunt Rose!

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