Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lainy Is Too Busy At Work

Being am Elections Assistant, Lainy is obliged to do extended working hours at the office. She goes to work at 8am and goes home at 8pm. Sometimes she does over time at work until 9pm. Not only that, she's also expected to work on Saturdays. She's all but tired when she gets home.

They're too busy at work because May 2010 election is coming up. COMELEC is a government sect which takes care of everything during election. Since people are to vote, registration of voters is ongoing. Lainy is expected to be too busy at work even after the May elections.

Lainy and her colleagues deserve a treat for their hard work. I hope the next president can provide them orlando vacations because all of them deserve it.

Let's hope this hectic work schedule is not going to make our Lainy all the more sickly.

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