Monday, November 2, 2009

Photos of Lainy's Birthday Bash

Finally here are the photos of Lainy's Birthday Bash!

She vehemently declared October 29 as her official holiday and that she turned 25 FOREVER recently since it was her first time to get cakes (she actually got 3 cakes as birthday presents) and blew candles on her birthday. Can't argue with that! Lol! Guess who gave the biggest cake??? I'll leave you guessing! hahahahah!

Lunch was done at work for her colleagues since it was impossible for them to go to Lainy's house because of their toxic schedule. Dinner was for church mates and family at home.

Her boss - Bottomlines whom she influenced to blog, called her up in the morning and pretended to be Capt. Tan of the PNP (Philippine National Police). She recognized his voice right away so the pretense got spoiled! Lol! He was one of the first people who called to greet her a Happy Birthday.

She sent me a text message on her birthday bragging about her Prince's Scotty's gifts. She got a new digital camera from her Sayang which she used to take pictures. Gifts will be shown on the next post.

Meanwhile, here are some of the photos:

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