Friday, November 20, 2009

I Feel Brand New!

You have possibly read recent articles here about my cousin, Michelle a.k.a Mystique of Mystique's Moments, with whom most of my childhood years I shared with. We are a year apart in age. She returned from Manila to her hometown to celebrate her mom’s birthday. Michelle and I are related on our maternal side; her mom and my mom are sisters.

But wait….

There is more to celebrate than just her mom’s birthday. Michelle, as you would have noted at an earlier article HERE, had recently been engaged to her beau. This means Michelle and Jon’s Wedding will be held in the very near future.

Now add this to the above.

I feel much healthier now and I have decided to return to my Blogs albeit with my eyes on the clock. It’s a re-start and I have to be mindful about the length of time I devote to my Blog and not abandon what I need to do to keep my health in good condition.

I thank Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder who did admirably at this Blog and Kuerdas during my recovery period. I also thank all my visitors who never lost their faith with Our Journey To Forever. Thank you most sincerely!

Earlier during this week, my mom and I journeyed to Michelle’s home to join in their birthday celebration. Needless to say, it was indeed a happy birthday gathering as well as an auspicious occasion to meet Michelle and congratulate her in person.

A day later, Michelle, her mom and brother returned our visit by travelling to our home (Will talk more about this on a separate post). It was then that she divulged that I am the Maid of Honor for her wedding. WOW! I did not know what to say and at the same time I felt deeply touched and honored by her request.

I have actually sworn not to be the Maid of Honor again. I have been the Maid of Honor of a friend in 2006 and I was sick and down for a week after the wedding. But well, how can I say "NO" to my cousin dearie? ;-) She actually told me that she's supposed to be the Maid of Honor to my own wedding but since she got engaged first, I have no choice but to be the Maid for her wedding, LOL!

This is an event that I have clearly marked on my Calendar.


Here I go again…what clothes am I to wear? And what about my shoes? Hairdo? Stockings? Gosh! This event has butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I am so excited for my cousin walking down the aisle ;-)

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
T W E R L Y N!
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