Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Telekinetic Power

Somewhere it is said that Telekinesis is defined as “the production of motion in objects without contact or other physical means.”

Having quoted that, it aptly refers to an incident that I experienced two days ago. I shall relate what happened.

A chat between Windy and I on Yahoo Messenger was temporarily put on hold. When it was resumed, in came Windy or shall I rather say in came the Fury of Windy.

He was fuming mad about having a unannounced visit by his Insurance Agent that night. As I understood it, the Insurance Agent needed Windy to sign another set of documents to acknowledge that the official Insurance Forms were incorrectly answered.

According to Windy, the Insurance Forms were not filled by him but by his Agent and he (Windy) had to sign the acknowledgment papers as though he had made false declarations.

I could then see why Windy was so upset. I’ve known him to be precise in what he says and does. And he never fails to deliver.

While Windy was fuming at his nostrils and ears with smoke, ranting about the audacity of the Insurance Agent….

All of a sudden my computer stalled and my monitor went totally black. I had to switch my Computer back on. This has never happened to my Computer unless there is a power failure and what it does to my computer would need no explanation.

Gosh! the Fury of Windy appears to be more potent than computer hackers! I’d call that Telekinesis.

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