Saturday, November 28, 2009

Three- Year Anniversary Soon!

My Prince and I will be celebrating our 3-year anniversary on January. Being into a long-distance relationship, I can truly say that it is a feat! Not too many couple can survive the time and separation test, which they say is truly the test of true love.

The past couple of days, I have been thinking hard on what to give my Prince for a gift. He actually warned me last night not to spend so much for it. Just a card will do. But he himself chuckled and told me that knowing me, he knew I won't settle for less, haha. A family friend suggested a white gold ring will do, one for my Prince and one for me. If I was born rich, I will surely give him diamonds, hehe!

But hey!

Diamonds are girls' bestfriend so I should wait for him to give me one, LOL!

Anyways, My Prince doesn't know the size of his ring finger and he doesn't wear one. He told me he will only wear one when it's our wedding ring ;-) So I need to think of another to give him on our anniversary.

Here's a photo of our anniversary cake last year:

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