Friday, December 25, 2009

A Day in the Life of Lainy

December 25 started out very early. It may sound ridiculous but I have been waking up at 4Am everyday since I got really, really serious in doing my daily walks. I woke up from the repetitive droning sound of the alarm clock at exactly 4:30. At 5am, my mother and Sarah (my brother's girlfriend) and yours truly were out of the house. They decided to accompany me with my routinary daily walks. I usually do it in my lonesome.

My groovy mother with Sarah

That's me with Pretty Mama!

Sarah stealing shots behind our backs!

Sarah was all too excited to see the newly-inaugurated 35 million General Santos Park. She was able to see it only in the photos across my blogs. But before she could have a glimpse of the beautiful park, we were terrified to see the remnants of a fire that took place on Christmas Eve. All the stalls in the flea market selling fireworks caught fire.

The sight was horrible! There were different kinds of firecrackers scattered on the streets and the stores across the road were damaged as well. All the glass doors were broken!

It was reported that there was one person killed and a few others were brought to the hospital. I feel for the families who were trying real hard to make a living out of this once-a-year celebration.

Anyways, we proceeded with our walk. Finally, Sarah was able to see the park! It would take a 45-minute walk from our house before we finally reached our destination. As it is Christmas, not too many people were having their walks.

Sarah and yours truly!

Mother and daughter tandem!


Me and Mama!

Sarah and yours truly walked back home after a few rounds of walk in the park while mother walked her way to the market. She prepared a really delicious meal for lunch which was just too hard to resist!

Oh man! I lost control of my diet again! Sigh!

We planned of going to the movies and watch the much talked about movie "Avatar". To our dismay, there was no English movie in the two cinemas we went to. This is to give way for the Metro Manila Film Festival. We ended up seeing the move "I Love You... Goodbye". It wasn't too bad a movie but I have observed that there were quite a handful who are queuing for "Ang Panday". My mother was ridiculously happy that there was no English movie shown as she would end up sleeping if we did choose to see one, LOL!

After the movies, we decided to do our grocery shopping. It wasn't planned but since my mother convinced me to do it while there weren't too many people on queue at the cashier, it made sense. We accidentally met my relatives (Mystique's family), at the food court of the mall. They were also very disappointed not being able to watch Avatar. What's really with this movie, huh?!

Sarah, being the photo freak that she is, kept taking steal shots of me. That gave me all the more reason to blog about how my day turned out to be, LOL!

Sending SMS to my Mama asking where in the world she was???!!!

Sarah was stopped on her tracks though when she was told by the Internal Guard (I.G.) that it is prohibited to take pics inside of the groceries. What an embarrassing moment that was! LOL!

I was dead tired when we reached home. I could hardly move my legs! My mind still wants to be with Sarah to watch Kuerdas at the Jamaican Night gig but my body refuses to. In the end, it was only Sarah who was able to watch them perform on stage. But I will make it up for it tonight, hehehe!

More holiday stories unfolding soon!

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