Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Lost My Passport...

One of the many things I've accomplished today was to search for my passport which was inadvertently lost in the vicinity of my own room. Thanks to our dumb househelp, grrrrrr! She must have burnt it along with some other important documents. I should have followed my guts and fired her after the first day at home but I gave her too many chances.

Scene 1: There was one instance where I've asked her to give me a scratch paper. What she gave me was my internet bill.

Scene 2: I went home for lunch at 12 nn. She was told in the morning to prepare veggies. When I got home, she just started out slicing the ingredients at 12nn. I need to go back to work at 1pm. I took a nap while I waited for the food to be served on the table. When I woke up, she still has to cook rice to go with the viand she prepared! I went to work on an empty stomach

It's just a few of the many instances where my BP surged from deep disappointment. The househelp's performance was quite dismal.

Anyways, back to my lost passport. I tried to search for it in every nook and cranny. The effort exerted proved to be futile.

I've called up the Department of Foreign Affairs and asked for advice on what to do since my passport is still valid until December of 2010. They said I have to reapply as a new applicant. I have to submit the necessary requirements like Police Blotter Report, Affidavit of Loss, passport size ID pictures and NSO original birth certificate. What's striking was that I have to wait 3 months for me to be able to reapply!


It's just too much for me to bear! The DFA personnel tried to appease me by saying it won't take that long if I could provide a scanned copy of my lost passport.

Good thing I have one!

I am still in the process of completing the requirements. I got the Police Blotter Report today where the process was quite stressful.


Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
M A R I U C A!


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