Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gibberish Rantings

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I was out of town for two days to attend my cousin's wedding. When I arrived home today, I had to rush up because I still had to report for work. There's a helluva lot of things to do at work.


While I was with my family and relatives at the weddings' reception, I was hoping I could get to enjoy the celebration and forget about work altogether just for a few hours.

But what the heck! The night was spoiled just by one SMS received. It was about work, work, work! Can't it wait till I get back? This may sound crappy but spare me, please!

My mother and my relatives agreed in chorus that indeed it was trivial to inform me via SMS of the matter because nobody but me can resolve it. There was no sense letting me know by sending such agitating message. It's like I will be gone forever!

The sender finally got my point after I sent her a reply explaining stuffs, blah! blah! and she retorted back:

"I can now imagine your facial expression, LOL! We will just wait for you, Madam. Enjoy!"

And I replied bluntly:

"Enjoy? You just spoiled the night."

Anyways, pardon me for these gibberish rantings. The sender of the upsetting SMS really got under my skin. It's one of the few times where I lose my cool and I lose grip of my sanity.

I want to have it back. Hitting the sack might be the remedy. I better get going now.

Nytie nyt everyone! :-)

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