Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Night to Remember

I have learned last Thursday that the Entrecard account of my Boss who blogs from Bottom Lines was deleted from the EC system. The reason must be that his blog wasn't updated for quite a number of months. I am aware that a blog must be regularly updated to meet EC system's quality standards.

You see, with the onset of the May 10, 2010 Automated Elections, schedule at work was hectic more than ever. Things were a lot tougher. Being the City Election Officer at the same time the Acting Provincial Elections Supervisor, a lot of things are expected of him.

I remember one time when he was all set in updating his blog at noon break. Then there came a bunch of people who needed to talk with him about election matters. The day goes on and on like that. It's never-ending. He got a handful of tasks to accomplish in a day that updating his blog is not anymore a priority.

Things were even tougher when the Boss got promoted in January. I am personally happy for him. So yours truly and Star, the ever sexy and reliant secretary of the Boss, thought of something to surprise him.

It happened on Friday night where all his personnel were gathered together over dinner to celebrate his promotion. He wasn't aware we were up to something. He was a little doubtful though when we started taking photos of him and we also took some poses together with him and the rest of the staff.

I am sincerely happy for what the Boss has achieved. He has worked his way up and he truly deserves all the accolades.

Congratulations Sir!

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