Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunday is Family Day

When we were still little kiddos, my entire family would usually spend time together every Sundays. Going to church together and dining out thereafter is the usual practice of the family.

But when we were growing up, we had, in a way, deviated from the usual family practices. The usual family bonding during weekends were somehow taken for granted and were usually spent with friends and some other activities.

I've missed those times when our entire family would go out together, watch a movie and just simply dine out. My Prince would often encourage me to spend my time with them as often as I possibly could. It was then when I realized the importance of family bondings and togetherness. It was still there alright but it wasn't anymore the family's priority because each of us have different schedules and activities.

But I wanted us to restore the family's tradition. Despite our busy schedules, I've made it known to everyone in the family that they are expected to be present on a certain day where we have to spend time together.

Today was one of the remarkable moment where we were once again bonded and simply just had a good time. There was no special occasion to celebrate. We also had the opportunity to be with some relatives who took the time to visit us. Together with us were Heart Gel, my brother's gf and my niece (daughter of my cousin), whom I am going to send to school come opening of classes this coming June.

After having a feast on the delicious and sumptuous meals at one famous steak house, we proceeded to play BEDminton.

Specialty of the House:
Baby Back Ribs-

Ohhh! I meant BADminton, LOL!

Here are some proofs of today's activities:


Giving Baby Ewoks a BIG hug before leaving the house...
Unsa man ang lami???!
Pose for the camera!

During our Badminton game: (DO SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE PHOTOS)

After all the things that's been said and done about today's events, I'd like to make a statement. Yes, I am a sister, a daughter, a friend and many more things. But above all these, I am proud to be doing one of my greatest past time.

Certainly, blogging has brought me tremendous joy and fulfillment.


I am proud to be a blogger... and I have the luxury of time doing my blogging chores only on Sundays ;-)


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