Friday, February 19, 2010

The Paradise Island Get-Away Part 3

This is the last of three parts.

And you thought I am done with our Island get-away in December. But I've saved the best for last, hehe! If you've missed the two- part narration, they are HERE and HERE.

We've had our share of the kayaking experience. But there's one more thing I wasn't able to do aside from getting hold of the huge snake.

My brothers and their respective girlfriends went on to have their zipline experience. Before we've reached our destination, I was all set to do it. But when we finally reached the place, I've got cold feet. The warning written all over the place that people with health problems will be doing it at their own risks prompted me not to gamble myself.

So I simply contented myself looking at them from below and took some snapshots.

My brothers and their girlfriends had a blast zipping their way from one mountain to another.

And the hundred of photos captured during the 3-day escapade were enough proof to show that our family indeed had a blast.

As you can see, Baby Ewoks went with us during the entire duration of our escapade. However, we took the bus going to and from our destination. We did not encounter any problems until we reached Paradise Island. The personnel there informed us that no pets are allowed to ride the barge in going to the island. We almost can't believe it! We can't afford to leave our baby behind! But since it's the island's policy, we've got no choice but to abide by the rules.

For 12 hours, Ewoks was left in the care of the security personnel of the island. When we've finally returned, gosh! You can just imagine the look of glee on his face! He was all running and jumping his way with his masters! And he thought we had entirely abandoned him.

The story does not end there.

On our way home, we took a different bus company. We were all seated when the driver informed us that pets are not allowed on the bus. Gosh! Why are they doing this to our baby? They told us that some pets poo and pee at the bus that's why they issued a memorandum not to allow pets on their bus.

Poor Ewoks! If they only knew that he comes down to pee with us during the trip. He's properly trained and never gave us any headache.

We had no other recourse but to transfer. It is such a pity though that Ewoks had to go through all that.

Overall, the get-away was an event that all of us will surely treasure in our hearts. What matters most was that our family were able to gather together and simply had a good time.

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