Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome Back to the Blogosphere, Recel!

This post is to officially welcome the return of a great blogging comrade. Recel who blogs from My Written xPressions and Rare Ordinary Thoughts, left the US to visit her homeland Philippines sometime in October 2009. She took a 3-month blogging hiatus while on vacation. She has other things in mind, too when she left Uncle Sam but some plans didn't materialized as originally planned. I am awaiting for her to share her version of the story at her blogs ;-) She is actually a nurse-wanna-be. But a full-time homemaker she is too to her daughter and husband and mind you, she does it perfectly well.

Recel is an epitome of a blogger who blogs from the heart and who blogs for self-expression. She is also devoted in exalting the name and great deeds of the Lord across her blogs. She loves going through different blogs and makes her presence felt by commenting.

Recel coveted the second top spot for Lainy's Hottest Blogoversary Writing Competition: A Bloggers Celebration last year. Her masterpiece was declared second place after getting the nod of the three judges as well as the majority of readers at the Poll. You can see the declaration of winners HERE. To have a glimpse of her contest entry, you can click HERE.

Friends, help me in welcoming back a great person rolled into one- blogger, mother, wife, friend, servant of God, daughter, sister, etc....

Welcome back, Recel!

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