Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting the Better of the Outages

I just got home from grocery shopping on Sunday night when the power outage struck us again. With the temperature rising, my brother suggested for us to go out and unwind instead of staying just at home and staring at the ceiling. Since I was tired from the grocery shopping I didn't suggest to play badminton. He said we just have to watch his girlfriend perform since she had a gig that night.

My brothers' GF, Heart Gel, performing on-stage with one of the jammers.

So off we went there and simply had a good time.

With my brother, Jay Son, Kuerdas Band Major. 

Whatta! Whatta! ;-) 

But since it was already a little late aside from the fact that it was a Sunday, there weren't too many people. They egged me on to come up on stage and sing even just one song, LOL! Without further prodding, I went up the stage and grabbed the microphone, hahahahaha! I had the guts because the customers left already and we were the only ones around, LOL!



These things happen when we don't allow the outages get the better of us, LOL! 

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