Thursday, March 4, 2010

Being Under the Weather

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It was a week ago when I was barking like Ewoks. The dry cough was just too much to bear. But I still had to report for work because our schedule was rather hectic. I felt a lot better after seven days though I still don't have my voice back. It still sounds hoarse from too much coughing. My mother was also suffering from the same ordeal. She had to file a leave of absence and had to take antibiotics as advised by her physician.

I am not sure if it's the weather or it's my immune system with a low resistance to ailments. I was up and about as early as 4am for our 5:30 am devotional prayers since Friday, Feb 26 until Mar 5. This is in preparation for our Holy Supper at Church. I also am working under pressure. On Wednesday, I had this terrible cold and fever. I didn't report for work yesterday. I stayed home and took a good rest.

But what the heck!

The frequent outages made me feel I am going to get worse! I couldn't tolerate the heat! I couldn't sleep! I felt I truly am under severe distress! Is this hell on earth?

I have no choice but to report back to work today. Another long and stressful day ahead of me. I just hope it will go smoothly. I have to take heed of the following to help me feel a lot better:

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