Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is the Worst Over For Me?

The past week was a gruelling one, not to mention gross. Yours truly being down and sick for a week but still able to report for work was a little too much. Yet, I was able to handle it well.

I can't let the past week's main event pass without me recounting them.

It was the middle of the week when a certain animal named  Janice Halim Negrosa a.k.a ZOO loitered around the blogosphere and wrought havoc to our once peaceful community by defaming a very good friend of mine, Twerlyn and her innocent daughter. Not only were the mother and daughter in tandem attacked by this irresponsible blogger with her below the belt comments, she also attacked other bloggers who stood up to defend Twerlyn. It  included yours truly.

I wasn't even a participant to the comment thread because at the time, there was outage here. I can not even get myself to stand up because I was still feeling weak. I was informed via Mobile YM that the filthy-mouthed animal was badmouthing me. I was a bit shocked! Why the hell would she drag my name in her self-boasting and blog-trashing ways? I wasn't there to defend myself and I don't see it necessary because her issues were without rationale and proved her shallowness.

In all honesty, I can't recall having acquainted myself  with that freak. And I would never want to associate myself with the likes of her. I was informed that some great friends of her were feeding her with twisted information about me. I am flattered. Am I that famous? LOL! I was able to identify one of her informants. That is a different issue though that  I will have to deal with soon. SHE will have to wait.

The heart of the matter was that this stinking animal went overboard with her commenting attitude. Well, she doesn't have an attitude at all. From her manner of speaking, she has no breeding and definitely a person with no class and etiquette.

It is very unfortunate that a person coming from my own nationality, projected herself to be smart but alas! it smeared her own repute as well as projected an unforgiving impression about Filipinos through her venomous  mouth and stinking attitude.

I am a person who speaks my mind with tact and on several occasions have expressed my rants and angst about controversial issues. If I have pi$$ed off some of the readers by my manner of writing, I can't help it because it was my way of thinking. I don't pretend. I am what I am and I write what I think.

This has been my love blog for three years. I love to talk about love here and not hatred. I usually publish articles here relating my daily experiences with my family, work and my journey to forever. If these people feel that whatever is written here is subject for careful scrutiny which they could take against me, do so as you please.  

RESPECT is a virtue that I have always adhered to. Yet, this incident I can not let to pass.

Therefore, YOU, Janice Halim Negrosa, GET LOST! You should go back to your place where you truly belong. The zoo is your rightful place and not the blogosphere.

Read the evidences:


The insecure, dumb asses, ZOO et. al can't get enough of me. They have been spreading the word that I have a very good command of the language because my Prince is editing my work before I hit the publish button. Now that surely made me laugh! I AM FLATTERED. I didn't know I write that good English, LOL!  Sure you would get more insecure when you get to hear me speak :-)

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