Saturday, April 10, 2010

There's No Equation For Suffering

It was last night when my blogging hours was disrupted because I had to bring my brother, JS, Kuerdas Band Major, to the nearest hospital. The family wasn't aware that he has been suffering some kind of pain for days. He has been self-medicating his Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) but last night, he couldn't anymore bear the pain.

Since my mother was out of town, she instructed me via SMS to assist my brother for admittance at the hospital.  Without delay, we went to the hospital where he was immediately brought to the Emergency Room (ER) for IV and other initial check-ups by the resident physician.

Only ten minutes had passed since my brother was being checked, when another patient was rushed to the ER. He was covered all over with blood. Seeing the scenario for the first time in my entire life sent some shivers through my spine. I was terrified! I learned that he was shot on the head twice and the bullets went right through. Two parts of his brain was greatly damaged. I can hear the attending physician speaking with the patient's wife telling her that her husband needs to undergo CT Scan. The wife was sobbing hard and was holding the hand of her husband. The doctor mentioned about down payment and simultaneously called up a neuro-surgeon as he gave details about the patient's condition. The attending physician then informed the wife of her husband's chances for survival- 60-40. The wife was saying they come from a poor family and that it will be very difficult for them to pay for the needs of his husband at the hospital. The doctor also informed her of the adverse possibilities should the operation be successful. It would mean  memory loss and her husband could be a total invalid for life.

I feel for this victim's family. Had I been in that woman's shoes, I couldn't have survived the trauma.

I informed my mother via SMS of what had just transpired at the ER. She reminded me to keep my composure and to find my bearings because it might cause a spike to my blood pressure. Medical examination for my brother resumed after the gun-shot victim was brought to the ICU. After my brother had completed his initial once-over he was sent to the private room.

Today we had the lab test results. It reported that Kidney problems were ruled out but his sugar level proved to be higher than permissible. Being a diabetic suspect, he was referred to an endocrinologist to keep his blood  sugar under control.

My brother's realizations came only now when he's at the worst of situations. All reminders for him to keep watch of his diet and to do exercises kept ringing at his ears. He now promises to come along with me when I do brisk walking, jogging and my badminton sessions. And now how he detests white rice, LOL!

Well, I hope he could be as determined as I am. He simply has no choice but to look after his own health because no one can do that for him.

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A L L Y!


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