Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama Dearie's Birthday Celebration & Some Mother's Day Notes

Prior to celebrating my Mother's birthday on Labor Day, she had earlier mentioned to me how she would like it celebrated. Mind you, she has been mentioning it to me since last year. She said that she would love to have a beach "Hawaiian" theme party and with my brother's band, Kuerdas performing for her and for her invited guests.

As her birthday was fast approaching, I did not have any qualms organizing it because it also turned out that  Kuerdas was contracted to perform at the Bikini Open by the beach, too! Things were at our advantage as we did not have to rent a sound system, have budget worries of the band's PF, etc., etc., All we needed to do was to don our Hawaiian costumes and head for the beach :-)

Indeed, it was a night of fun, reggae party. What made it all the more fun and exciting was when the 10 candidates for the Bikini Open 2010 paraded on center stage in their skimpy swim wears. It made quite a lot of men and women drooling, LOL!

Bikini Open Wannabe Contestants, LOL!

The sumptuous foods that were laid down on the table, 5 courses and the 60 kilos roasted hog and some favorite desserts made us all forget our diet. Sigh!

I wanted the celebration to be something different for my mother. And yes, I am glad it all went as planned.

For more proofs, just visit Photo's of Mom's 50th Birthday Celebration.

It almost took me forever hitting the publish button for the above post because of my toxic work schedule. Mother's day is a day before the Automated Elections in the Philippines. This is history in the making and being a huge part of it is something that I should not be boasting, not unless everything turns out well :-)

Despite the negative publicities, we have been working under pressure to ensure that everything will work as planned. So you can just imagine how taxing and draining it is for me.

Yet, I can't let this day pass without having to pay tribute to my mother who is the ultimate source of nagging inspiration, LOL! Kidding aside, though Mama Dearie and I would often discuss and argue over petty and trivial stuffs, I can not discount the fact that she has been the best mother that she can be.

I remember my mother telling me that her entire family (parents, brothers and sisters) were all against their marriage. Prior to my parents' wedding day, her elder sister even persuaded her to go to a far-flung place, promised to support her pregnancy and her schooling with the condition that she doesn't marry my father. But my mother wasn't persuaded. She already had her mind made up.  She was thinking of me in her womb. I would be without a father. If she is to give birth, she wanted me to have a complete family. She fought for their love and married at 18, gave birth at 19.

I will always be grateful to our God for He blessed me with a complete family. My salutation to my Pretty Mama for having to withstand everything despite all the odds. I am very proud to have you for a mother!


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