Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Year That Was!

Another year of tremendous blessings and pure luck has gone by. Words aren't enough to describe how grateful I am for the wonderful year that God has given me. Today, we had our Thanksgiving at church. INC members all over the world had given back all the glory to God for we were able to cross another milestone in our lives. What a year that was! There are so many things that we should thank the Lord for. It's hard to recount all the wonderful works God has done in my life. The space here could not suffice for all the great things the Lord has done for me. But for the sake of blogging, let me just enumerate:

I am still alive and kicking. It is such a blessing that I am still breathing. With the many tragedies that befall man nowadays, it is a stroke of luck that I had my own share of laughs this year and I’m giving back all the glory to Him…

In Best Shape. Though I do not measure 36-24-36, I am in good health and that is all that really matters. I am sane and I still can get my thoughts organized.

A Survivor. Amidst life’s many difficulties and struggles, I was able to surpass it all. Though not as tough as anybody else, I believe I did well.

Sense of Belongingness. It is such a blessing to have my family and friends who would stick with you no matter what. The feeling that you have a home for a refuge is such a relief. Thanks for always soothing my nerves and massaging my ego.
Finding My One True Love: It's never a coincidence that I was able to meet my bf online with the same strong faith that I have. I consider myself the luckiest girl in the universe for having a God-fearing boyfriend.

There are still too many to name about God’s glorious deeds and I just can’t help counting them to no avail. It’s C-O-U-N-T-L-E-S-S!

Now, I am humbly offering my thanks and uttermost praises to the Almighty Father whom I believe as the provider of everything – my life, my faith, my inner peace, the material blessings I receive and everything that makes me end each passing day with joy and tranquility. He has indeed done remarkable works not only for me but also to my entire family. Recognizing this, my heart overflow with thankfulness to Him. I know that nothing can be enough to repay God’s infinite goodness. Not even by giving up my own life can I requite for His kindness, for even the very life I have truly belongs to Him. Yet, I am bound always to remember His glorious deeds, to return to Him in genuine recognition of His unfailing love, and to thank Him for being everything to me, for without Him in my life, I am nothing.

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