Monday, December 17, 2007

"...I Still Have God and My Prince"

I haven’t been here for more than 3 weeks now. I missed blogging. I missed writing down all that has happened to me for almost a month now. I missed connecting with all my fellow bloggers here.

Well, I have some problems with my connection that it came to a point that I got hopeless. Everytime my connection fails, I always get disappointed and I go to bed with a heavy heart. My Prince would lift my spirit up by telling me: “Stay happy. It’s just the internet connection. You still have God and your Prince…” That’s when I came to realize that there are still many other good things to thank the Lord for and I don’t need to sulk everyday just because of connection failures.

Oh well, I need to be at a café after work just to keep my lines open with my Prince. And it’s never easy- - very noisy, no privacy at all. Some cafes do not allow the use of USBs. That really sucks! My Prince doesn’t like the idea of me staying at a café for long. Many times he would tell me I need to go home coz he keeps worrying for my safety. I know he always does, like the way I worry for him. And like the good girl that I am, hehe, I wouldn’t want to torture my Prince. Just as much as I wanted to stay to be with my Sayang, after a few hours of updating each other for what had transpired for the entire day, I need to say bye and go home.

I missed all the things we used to do when we talk when I am just at home. I missed all the Christian songs he sends me. I missed all his photos. I hope everything will be back to normal in time.

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