Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Blessed Sunday

Blogging is never new to me. Been doing this for quite awhile. Well, i hope i won't be lazy enough to write down my thoughts.

Today was a relaxing day for me. I didn't set my alarm for 3:45 am to get myself ready for church. It has been the usual routine for me for almost a year... Well, i have my obligations at church and i'm always on the go doing it for the Glory of God! AMEN!

No overtime today. I went to church at 9:45 am. My sayang sent me SMS saying he's online right after church so i immediately turned on the PC when i got home. I am always happy being with him and I will never get tired sharing my thoughts and my dreams with him. I know GOD won't let us fail.

He has a committee prayer at 5pm so we need to bid goodbye for the time being. And he needs to be with our little sister Meggy, too. He asked me to wait for him till he's home and i just did. I did some blogs while he was gone and took a little nap.

My day ended up with my Sayang and me saying goodnight at each other. What a good day to spend it with him. A blessed Sunday, indeed!

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