Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Gift of Your Love

October 29 was a red-letter day for me. It's the day that I came into the world, hehe. The entire Philippines celebrated with me on this day. It was a holiday. I would like to think that the whole Filipino nation wanted to celebrate with me, hehe. But the truth is, it is a non-working holiday to give way to the Filipino’s right to suffrage. It was a busy day for me. It was the first time I wasn’t able to celebrate my day together with my family. Good thing my Sayang was my textmate the entire day and the entire night till dawn, hehe.

Celebrating my birthday this year is a little different from the previous years. To say that I am in cloud 9 is an understatement! Though I wasn’t with my family (coz been busy working), my Sayang was always with me. He will always be around in spirit..
On November 8, I was able to receive his belated birthday present for me along with the Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Eau De Toilette perfume for my mother. I was deeply touched by the word “I Love You” engraved in the necklace, more so by the touching words he wrote in the card. I am truly happy and contented. Having him in my life is more than enough gift already. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Truly, the gift of his love is a sure blessing from above.

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