Monday, November 12, 2007

To Each His Own

I was inspired to make this write up in December 2006 when my friend Lerma raved and ranted about one common friend of ours. Gee! She was my very close pal since high school! Kind of ironic because she knows my bestfriend used to work in a call center for a time. I also have two talented and intelligent cousins who are currently connected with two of the biggest call centers in the country. And guys, Lerma, the one she was talking to, used to also work in the call center industry. I am not too sure if she was able to browse this write up or maybe she did but she just never cared at all. I even sent this to her email with the subject written: MY WRITE UP THAT YOU NEVER CARED TO READ!

Here it goes:

To each his own is being defined as having a right to one's personal preferences, as in “I'd never pick that job”, but to each his own.
Why does it seem like anyone who is not happy with his own life has to judge and demean the good things in other people’s life just to make himself feel better? It causes those who are less sure of themselves to question things they thought they knew were a good thing.
Touted as the country’s leading source of employment, many people are drawn to working in call centers. To qualify for the job, one must be very proficient in English, must know how to deal with different kinds of clients on the phone (not to mention irate), learn your way through the American accent, could handle stress very well, etc… Sounds tough? It does for me, not to mention you have to stay awake all night while all people around you are fast asleep. Night crawlers. They have been that.
I find it hard to figure out why some people think this job in the call center is NOT promising at all. Is it not promising when too many young ones are earning way above than they ever could imagine? Is it not promising when a very young individual gets promoted for having shown excellent performance on his job? While it’s true that as a profession, it has its downsides, but what profession doesn’t have?
We are all entitled to our own opinions and for me, working in the call center is not for everyone. The job needs people who can hurdle all the stress not to mention that you’ve got to have a very good command of the language. In short, it is required that you have that physical and mental stamina to endure the kind of job you’ve chosen.
Well, I am not sure how to handle social talk with people that are willing to say mean things about your life choices. But I would never criticize someone’s profession to their face. If I can’t say anything good about other people’s choices, I better keep my mouth shut.
Sometimes we need that extra push to do things that are hard and other people won’t understand. So anyone out there who thinks they are being put down just because other people think they are different, just try to be strong and realize that no matter how different you are, there are others like you and that you are not alone. You shouldn't be afraid to be different. You should pity those who are afraid to be themselves!

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