Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PROCREATION: The Gift of Life

God ordered men to procreate and subdue it. TRUE. A person should be loved because he is capable of procreation. FALSE. While it’s true that children are a great blessing from above, one shouldn’t set it as one of the requirements for marriage.

A guy friend of mine used to ask me: “Aren’t you getting worried, you’re close to 30, and yet still single? What if you can’t bear a child?” What a question, right? Oh well, for one thing, I am single, but I am taken forever. For another, I am loved by my boyfriend not because of what I can give him. Whether I can bear his children or not, it will always be God’s decision. Who are we to question it? When I told my Sayang about my conversation with my friend, I knew what his reactions would be. He said and I quote: “It will be God’s choice. If He won’t give us children, it will be fine as long as we have each other. It is more than enough blessing already”.

My friend always wants to imply that PMS is best to know if one is capable of having children. But why violate God’s laws when you yourself know from the start what’s wrong and what’s not? We all know our lives will be cursed if we let ourselves be on that situation.

Alex knows my stand on this issue. Many times we shared different viewpoints. He is one good friend whom I know just wants to love and be loved… not to mention bear his own children, hehe. In time you will, my friend. Trust HIS plans for you!

The heart of the matter is that a person should be loved not because of but in spite of (NOT I love you BECAUSE you can bear my children BUT I love you in spite of you not giving me children)…

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