Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reunited Once Again

It was late in the evening last night when I received my former workmate's SMS, Ate Becca. She was asking me if I am going to be available the next day (Saturday) coz she and Ate Leni are planning to pay our former boss a visit. Since I already finished my baking classes a few weeks before, I have nothing to do for that day. We decided to meet up at Gaisano Mall at around 2pm to buy something for our former Boss, Ma'am Hermie. Since FIlipino time is always an hour late, I arrived at the meeting place 45 minutes after the agreed time, hehehe. But Ate Becca was the last one to arrive, hahaha!
I was happy to see Ate Becca together with her long-awaited boyfriend. hehe! Finally! Cheers for her! After buying our gift for our Boss, we immediately proceeded at their residence.
We chatted for almost 3 hours. We definitely missed each other's company. We missed those days when we used to work for the people in the mountains. We used to share the same goals, one mission and vision- - to serve the underprivileged. There were so many stories told and all of them were worth reminiscing... Too many great memories and experiences that were worth keeping and that they absolutely made us better persons.
We missed Ate Ann's presence. It has been ages since I last heard from her. I hope after a long silence, I will hear from her real soon, hehe. I terribly missed her company and her words of wisdom. I hope she is doing just fine (How's Thailand Ate Ann? Haha!)
We took some photos at our Boss' work of art, hehe. Their christmas tree as background! You've got to take a look!

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