Friday, January 4, 2008

Fun Time With Soon-To-Be Mrs. Pascoe (TWERLYN)

When Twerlyn arrived here in GenSan last week, we already agreed we will meet at Theresa's Fashion. But I wasn't able to make it coz of my dysmenorrhea. I wasn't feeling good that day. She told me I might as well come with them at Gumasa Resort for the prenuptial shooting, but again, I wasn't able to make it coz I have to bake cakes before we travel to my mother's hometown on the 31st. In short, we weren't able to meet before New Year.
I thought I will never get the chance to see her before she leaves again for Cebu on January 5, but she was able to craft a plan for us to bond at Water Gran Resort on January 3. She instructed me to bring our own swim wear, and you bet, in two-piece huh!
I have my own inhibitions and it's my first time to wear two-piece at day time. Besides, I don't have a body like hers to flaunt, hehe. She had to coerce me to take off my shorts for us to have some keepsakes wearing such piece of clothing. It felt good after a while. It's like I don't want to put on my shorts and shirt again, haha! I had the best time of my life "walking" (don't know how to swim) in the pool and never even thought about the near-death experience I had in the past. The pool was great coz of its clean, cool and clear water.
I sure had a great time with Twerlyn, Andy, and Bienne. We've talked about some details for their upcoming wedding. I can't wait for the day seeing her beaming while she walks down the aisle. It must be the happiest moment in her life! Being with Andy and Twerlyn for a few hours, I can see in their eyes the love they have for each other and without doubt, they have a whole lifetime ahead of them.

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