Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Year After

Exactly the same day today last year, I found myself consenting to be a girlfriend to the most wonderful man I've ever known. Today, January 9, started out with my Prince calling me up and greeting me "Happy Anniversary, Mahal Ko!" and letting me speak with Mummy Carol. I feel so elated having to talk to the two most precious gems in my life.
Honestly, I have my apprehensions at first because of the distance that separates us, not to mention the cultural barrier between us. But he assured me that everything will be alright because in God's eyes, there are no barriers and distance that can separate two hearts that have pure and honest intentions and that we have HIM in our relationship. In time, he was able to wipe out all traces of fears and doubts in me.
For a year and still counting, I have always marvelled with the feeling of being inlove with my Prince. Though we still have to meet this year, he has showed me what it is to love without expecting anything in return. He is one person who has admirable integrity, respects me as a person and as a woman, sweet, thoughtful, faithful, makes me feel secured and that I am an important part of his life, respects my opinions and views, always considerate of my feelings, responsible and level headed, fun to talk with, protects my vulnerability without stifling my creativity and God-fearing, which for me is most important above anything else. Amazingly, our love for each other keeps getting intense and stronger everyday.
Although there are some people who keeps trying to dissuade me and have actually talked against long distance relationships, I have never been swayed at all. I have committed myself to love and that sure stands until my last breath.
Today marked the beginning of another year for us... another year of having to conquer all the trials that we have to face towards our journey to forever.

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