Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brian Gorrell: "DJ Montano Raped My Bank Account!"

These people, Delfin Justiniano (DJ) Ocampo Montano II, Celine Lopez and Australian guy Brian Gorrell were total strangers to me and their names doesn't even ring a bell. Not until tonight. While surfing the web, I was able to get through a site, which is unknown to me, has generated 36, 600 visits a day or 2,000 visits an hour during the waking hours. Each visit lasts an average of 52 minutes! Terrific! I never knew that such a super scandal has hit Manila lately. It involves most of society's "elite" circle. Fast paced drama, super intruiging, so juicy that it has been featured in some broadsheets in Manila.
It occured to me just now how a blog can make or break people. The
"killer blog" I have been talking about is owned by the Aussie guy Brian Gorrell, DJ Montano's boyfriend. Brian's goal: to recover his lifetime saving's back! He accuses his former lover, DJ Montano, a Philippine Star Lifestyle columnist, of "raping" his bank account to the tune of $70, 000 excluding other amounts that weren't put into record. The blog revealed so many shocking stories about the high class society's circle in Manila involving no less than Celine Lopez and Tim Yap among many others. He also made mention about the Gucci Gang. These people, Brian revealed, are getting their heads high on cocaine and famous married men sucking c**ks! Brian also confessed he is HIV-positive and DJ knew of it from day one. Because of what his ex-lover did to him, he has to ask financial support from Australian government in order for him to gather himself back again. In some of his entries, he wrote:
"Please pay me back DJ. PLEASE..
I am begging you to end this for me.
I need the money.
My medication is not cheap.
My HIV is not going away any time soon.
You must feel like such a man stealing money away from me.
I am a man who actually needs his money for survival."
My ex boyfriend DJ set me back many years.
Not only did DJ take my money from me,
But he took away the only real sense of security I had.
My savings.
He targeted me. I know it.
I was his money ticket.
He took everything.
And now I am at square one.
I can't fly to Canada to see my mom anymore.
I no longer have enough money for organic veggies, as they are too expensive for me now.
I can't afford petrol like I used to.
Which means I don;t go out much.
My life has changed so dramatically.
I have had to cut out so many things since DJ devestated my savings.
I want an electric blanket because its so cold here at night.
But my internet bill takes priority
Without it, this blog stops. Along with my dream.
Getting back my savings.
70,000 dollars.

Call it shame campaign. Brian is adamant in continuing with unfolding all other truths he knew about these "social climbing pretenders" until he has his money back. As I read and re-read all the entries in his blog, I could tell not only were his pockets robbed. He was robbed of his own happiness. His heart is broken and tattered. His every word may speak of how bad, evil and bitchy the characters are in his blog. I couldn't help but sympathize with him nonetheless. You might ask: Is he credible enough? Well, you can just see for yourself. If there's one thing that keeps him going, I can say it's his credibility.
Try to check out the
blog site to read the whole thing.

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