Friday, March 28, 2008

Together Again!

During the easter holiday, my good, old friend Jackie came home here in GenSan and visited her family. It has been a year or so since her last visit. She spent the holidays here together with her hubby and newborn babe.
How time flies so fast! It was just only yesterday when we were always together. She was a single, easy-go-lucky girl then. But marriage had shaped her to be what she is now- matured, has a sense of direction, a good and loving wife, and most of all a nurturing mother. It was fun getting the chance to be with her and her hubby and some common friends we have. Celebrating friendships the way we used to is an unforgettable event. Of course, we have some pictures to show off!

With Jackie at Cesma Cliff overlooking Sarangani Bay (2003)


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