Friday, April 4, 2008

Brian Gorrell Receives Money Through Paypal Donations

On March 26, I blogged on how the Aussie Brian Gorrell lost his money to his ex-Filipino lover, DJ Montano. It is exactly a month today since he started his blog on March 4 which he especially created to start his crusade in getting his $70, 000 back. There is no doubt that Brian's blog has reached new heights since he began updating the blog with 4 write ups at the most everyday. It became the hottest sensation worldwide with his telenovela-like stories divulging Philippines high societies' scandals. His blog has generated an average of 50, 000 visitors daily. He has been in the news for 3 straight nights at ABS-CBN's primetime TV Patrol.

All these publicity has made Brian a star in his own right. He has gained numerous followers and supporters who sympathized with him and believed in his cause. Not only that. He is slowly getting his money back through the donations made by people who cared. He hesitated at first on whether to put the Paypal donation button on his blog or not. But it hit him that DJ Montano won't ever pay him back. He felt so helpless! He faced a totally shattering reality that he is in dire need of help from people who understood, from people who cared much. And the help kept pouring in each day that kept him teary-eyed with gratefulness.

As of today, he already have $3, 000 from different people worldwide. It is a far cry from his $70, 000 but certainly is a huge help for him to move on. He was quoted as saying:

" I am overwhelmed.
I can buy things now.
Petrol, food and other things.
Without feeling panic or pressure."
Brian's supporters were happy he is slowly moving on. But there were some antagonists who suggested that Brian should remove the Paypal donation button once he get his $70, 000. Well, in my opinion, Brian doesn't have to remove the donation button as long as the money serves its purpose well. Donation is a donation. You give according to the dictate of your heart. One is never coerced to donate.
Numerous people give a dollar a day. It's the thought that counts, not the amount. This means so much for Brian. He is grateful to tears. It occured to him that his cause has gone a long way. It made him the person that he is now...

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