Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pursue X-ray Technician as a Career!

My cousin is a beautiful young lass who always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. She has an elder brother who is a physician, and two more siblings who are registered nurses. Instead of pursuing the same career with her 3 elder siblings, she enrolled in a X-Ray Technician School. She wants to be the best x-ray texhnician in town. What an ambition for a very young girl! We commonly see guys in the radiology room getting the job done, but this cousin of mine is determined to be the best female x-ray technician.
She finds this field of study very interesting because it gives her the chance to view the human body's images. Getting a degree as a x-ray technician, she found out, is never easy, yet it fascinated her to know this kind of work is in demand these days. This requires extensive know how of the human body's anatomy as well as the imaging technology. A x-ray technician are given rigid trainings for them to cope with the technical and physical demands of the job.
My cousin is now in her third year of schooling and will soon reach her dream. Their family is planning of putting up a small hospital in their town. Well, they need not worry anymore. They have a doctor, nurses, and a well-trained x-ray technician to complete the roster of hospital crew for it to become operational in no time.

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