Saturday, June 7, 2008

PC Overhaul


Today, my PC had a total overhaul. I have been complaining since last quarter of last year because of my PC's speed and the frequent attack of viruses. I have been ignoring all these things. But since I got serious in my blogging activities, these problems greatly affected what I wanted to do and achieve whenever I get online. I haven't been exhausting the limited time I got infront of my computer because it keeps acting up. The 300 blogs I wanted to visit daily to satisfy my Entrecard dropping addiction takes me a longer period of time to accomplish. BIG Sigh!
I have an old PC which I was able to purchase in 2006. I am still using a CD writer in saving important files which is not too convenient because blank CDs only have a capacity of 750 MB. My friend who did the job today suggested a number of things to buy for me to have a smoother access online. I shall have a new DVD writer on Monday and the other one which I do not know what to call, hehehe! It would help speed up the loading of pages and I can open a number of windows all at the same time. Nice, nice, nice! Hehehe! I just knew today that blank DVDs can save up to 4 GB of files! AMAZING! Haaay! Hirap ng walang alam, hehehehe!
I am hoping I could get to visit more blogs as soon as everything is totally fixed on Monday. I am hoping as well you will reciprocate. I always do my best to hit you back. I always take extra effort in hitting you back eventhough it takes a helluva lot of my time. If you can't hit me back, you will never hear from me again, ang taray! Hehe! I am planning to have a total overhaul of my blogroll in a few days. Those blogs which I have never seen dropping here for a long time, I will just have to delete them. You can delete me as well if I have never visited you in ages. I admit I can never manage to visit everyone and check for updates.
That's all for tonight. Good night everyone!

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